Boiling Water and -20 Degree Temp

January 18th, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal

OK.. let me explain this. Kayla and I seen on the news people taking hot water and throwing it in the freezing air, and watching the water turn to steam or freeze before it hits the ground.  So we had to try it!!!!

Water Boiling.


Me and the boiling water.

I accidentally threw water on myself, I know very smart…

You will have to ignore Kayla and the camera flipping.

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2 Responses

  • stan says:

    Tony I have tried to watch the water change to ice crystals, but the video does not load Lets see if we can get that fixed for your uncle>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thats all

  • stan says:

    Tony I was finally able to see the video. As soon as i saw the pop up that said I needed to install QUick time player things began to make sense……………
    THanks Stan

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