Oh it is about that time to write another blog, i feel like shit, i would rather have a hangover, then my noise running all over the place. Did most of my EE homework, well aleast what i understood. OH…. you missed alot today in assembly, we were taking our test, and the power went out during out lab test, so everyone lost there exam, ha ha ha ha. But other then that nothing else is new, other then my new PISS PAL, he is one of the RA’s, he also has some Poop pals, but i am going to stick with the terms PISS PAL. -TONY

Oh, what a morning it is today

April 27th, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

Oh, what a morning it is today. Kit got me sick, aleast i am going to blame it all on him. I didnt do so hot on my diff test, good thing it was only worth 70 points. I think/hope i understand some of the EE homework i did last night. Wow the week before finals suck more then finals….. wtf ! Well i am going to eat something, maybe i should just go back to bed, i dunno, who does? -TONY