Oh what a weekend it was!

May 2nd, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal

Oh what a weekend it was! I dont remember what i did, but i had some crappy chinese food at Hy-Vee, which isnt like them. Well i dunno if i would call it crappy, but un-appatizing. Got suckered into prom on friday night, it was boring, and everyone there was boring. The post prom party was alright, Kayla won a tv, so she was kind of happy :D. I didnt do much on Saturday. I got new tires put on my car, now it wont shake profusly, or however you spell it. Abigail spit up a couple of times on me, but it all good, i still love my baby. Kayla went to chruch today, I spent my time a little bit wiser, i slept for 12 hours. I didnt do much today either, watched Abigail for a little bit, got her giggling, its so cute. Then me and Kayla went and ate at Bonaza, it Teryiaakjakakaaka chicken sucked ass, but it was worth trying, but i am going to go over to Adam’s house and chill with him for a while since my cd is done burning. -TONY

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