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January 12th, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Blackberry | Technology

So I posted a couple of days ago that Kayla and I got blackberry’s. Its a Blackberry curve 8310. So far I really enjoy it. It has internet and will do email, IM’s, and everything else you want a mobile phone to do.

My biggest problem is blackberry’s crappy integration with gmail.  I cant find a happy median. There seems to be serveral ways to do it.

  1. Use blackberry’s email client and just use there special setup. Its a mix of pop3 and imap. My problem is when you read something on your blackberry or gmail, it doesn’t show up as read on the other.  And when I send an email from my gmail web account, it would show up on my blackberry.
  2. Use Blackberry and gmails IMAP email. But email isnt instant push to your phone.
  3. The previous current setup I got from here. You basically setup a blackberry email address forward your gmail to it, and setup a few filters.
  4. Use the gmail app but it doesnt do instant push to the phone either.

I am not happy with any of them. I will have to update what I will do in the future… Come on gmail and blackberry work together!!!


I went back to solution 1, I was using 3, but then I couldn’t delete any of my mail, since I don’t send out that many emails, I figured getting a few extra on my blackberry.

Next time, I am going to post my favorite blackberry apps.

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