The trip back from Nebraska to Iowa

January 3rd, 2010 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal

What to do when your in the car for 7 plus hours? Take pictures!!! Here are some pictures from our unexciting trip from Bloomfield Nebraska to Marion Iowa

Me Driving

Nekota Sleeping

Snow in Nebraska

More Snow

More Snow again

Sign for Sioux City, 34 miles

Un-harvested Field

Snowy Trees

Me Cleaning the windows, and it freezing to the windshield

Iowa, Fields of Opportunities ( no wonder why field of dreams was filmed here)

Nekota Still Sleeping

4 hours later ( Kayla went to sleep)

Kayla being Smiley

Tanger Outlet Mall

Dear Interstate Driver: Your gas cap is unscrewed and your gas door is open.

Me smiling instead of driving

GPS – Almost there!

Cedar Rapids Exit, YES

Who needs a Maid Rite when you have taverns

Thank you for Iowa Rest Areas!!!

Another Sign for Cedar Rapids

Worst Interstate Intersection

Cedar Rapids 19 Miles

I ruined Kayla’s Picture!!!!

Mercedes gas Millage, helps to drive slower.

Sign for Kaylas Work

Aegon in the background

Cedar River Sign

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