Hi, My name is Anthony Schaefer and I manage this website ( I enjoy creating websites but I dont have the time to create one from scratch, so I decided I would create akschaefer . Since I have setup this website up, I have become a fan of wordpress and how useful it can be, its so much more then a blog.

I have a B.S in Computer Engineering from SDSMT and a Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering from Iowa State. I am currently employed as a Systems Engineer.

My wife Kayla and I have two kids that keep us very busy.

My hobbies are computers, technology,gaming, xbox, and my truck. Since I play around with technology and computers, I like to try out new applications (boxee, mediaportal,digsby ) and the occasionally play around with different Linux distributions.

My activities I like to do are riding bike, camping, fishing, running, and soccer. (Starting to hate facebook more and more everyday)

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