April 28th, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal

Holy SHIT, all i have to ask, is are we in a test facility or what? fucking 80 to fucking 40, in one day! I guess we did a good job of using the high and low tempatures for the day. Took that oh wonderful EE test today, um… yeah i got a hundred or a zero, i dunno, but i am going for the hundred. I am feeling a little better this evening, but i still hate kit, i know he got me sick. OH SOMEONE FIND ME A JOB. Oh did i say that out loud, lol. I feel like i am talking to myself but am I? Well if your reading this then i am not talking to myself. Oh i think i finally got the short diffintion to blog, its a weblog, maybe it should be called a weblog then i dunno, or we blog, what you think? Well new southpark is on tonight, and it better be good, i havnt been watching Comedy Central, so i dunno what it is about, but who cares, the 8th season has been pretty good, well aleast for southpark. But other then blabbling on my blog, i am going to go do something unproductive!!!! -TONY

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