Facebook Instant Messanger

August 27th, 2008 | Posted by tonyscha in Technology - (0 Comments)

Now that facebook has Chat on there website, everyone has to log onto facebook to see who there friends are. Well if you want facebook chat on the desktop currently its not possiable without this pidgin plugin –  But of course you have to install pidgin first.

After using the plugin it seems to work most of the time, I had a few issue where it would crash Pidgin, and if you saved your password, and opened pidgin up again, you would get stuck into a open/crash loop. But now since I make it so I have to enter my password everytime, it seems to work fine, as long as facebook chat isnt down.


August 25th, 2008 | Posted by kayla in Personal - (0 Comments)

Hello, primarily I am typing this because I want to flabbergasted Anthony! He made me an account, so I thought I might use it…

It is Monday! Nothing exciting happens on Mondays, the weekend is over, BLAH! Abigail is super cranky today, and Alexis is super happy today, go figure!

This morning we went and ate at Huntingtons with Moms Club. Pretty much, The Bloomfield Bakery… The people hated us there, and moved to the other side of the restaurant because our kids were being too loud. It was great.

This weekend we finally got the garage clean. We can actually fit the Benz in there. It is amazing, and only took us 4 months. Now it’s on to getting organized for the garage sale. We have big hopes of getting stuff sold. It probably is going to flop though. I guess we will see.

That is all for today. I hope Anthony is impressed! lol


Hello (again)

August 24th, 2008 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

So if you made it here and you are actually reading this you are really bored or you know me. If you check out some of the older post you might find some of my humor from the college days when I basicly just keep a journal for myself and I didnt care what I wrote. I decided to import them from my blogspot account for old time sakes. This website akschaefer.com is basicly for Kayla and myself ( Anthony ). It doesnt have a definitive purpsose so enjoy.

Watch TV for free

August 23rd, 2008 | Posted by tonyscha in Technology - (0 Comments)

I am cheap and cable is expensive, but with the internet you can watch most of your favorite shows on the networks websites. I have made a website with links to the video sections of the websites. http://akschaefer.com/mediacenter/