Tired but not tired?

September 17th, 2008 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal

Have you ever been tired, but you are to lazy to get off the computer and go to bed…? Well thats me, my eyes burn because they are tired but I Dont want to go to bed yet lol. Whats happen? Well a new series of tv shows are about to start or started, while the summer shows are finishing.

I watched Big Brother tonight and Dan was voted to be the winner… if you never have watched Big Brother 10 ignore that last sentance. Fringe from Fox looks to be pretty good, I watched the first episode but didnt watch the latest tonight. Someone mention fringe is kind of like x-files which in a way it was. Heroes and The Big Bang Theory starts next week. I am super excited for heroes, I might have to go watch the recap so I remember whats going on. Then I also watch Battlestar Gallatica, I am currently watching the dvds and I am on season 2.5 which I may add is awesome. If your into scifi and have not watch BSG your missing alot.

I suppose my time has been overspent here, and I need some sleep, something about the body wont function without? I cant wait for a way so I can do something 24/7 without sleeping! But thats another blog post…

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