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So I am going to go out and give a plug to this website. They play non-label/indie type of music. This is music that isnt on the radio ( for the most part). There is some great undiscovered music on here. I recommend going out and listening to some songs. If you sign up refer me username:tonyscha

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End of Summer Update

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Been busy… aka lazy over the summer. So I thought I would give an end of summer update. School has started for Abigail, Kayla, and myself. Abigail started kindergarten. Kayla is going back for business, and I am going to ISU for my masters in Systems Engineering. Its been a crazy cold summer so far. not sure what is up with the weather, but its been better then 100 degree days. Other then that, I dont have much to say… Enjoy the rest of the summer.

New Motherboard for the HTPC

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So my Home Theater PC (HTPC) died a while back. Did some testing and determined it was the motherboard. So I found one on ebay a refurbished oem Asus rock Dual-Sata2. This motherboard replaced my DFI lanparty ultra-d nforce 4 motherboard. I would recommend the Asus only if you dont have dual core with sata with xp. I had some problems with the sata drivers that caused my alot of trouble. My final solution was to move to Vista… scary I know that it fixed the problem. So now that I have my HTPC back up and running I can enjoy the DVR functionality.