Blackberry – Speedtest

May 22nd, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Blackberry | Technology - (0 Comments)

Ok blackberry app review time. I feel like writing blogpost tonight not sure why. There is a very useful app from xtreme labs that is called speedtest. They also make iphone apps. This app lets you check out your networks speed.  The app is very simple just click the button and it will test the download and upload speed, and report back to you. I believe the app can be download through the blackberry store. I am unsure of how it works when connecting to wi-fi.

Blackberry App: Slacker

January 30th, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Blackberry | Technology - (1 Comments)

My blackberry app of the week is Slacker, its a music play on your desktop,  blackberry, iphone, or their own slacker g2. I am going to talk about it on my blackberry. It Plays music similar to Pandora or If you havent heard of any of those then you probably dont listen to streaming music much. You basicly pick a artist or genre, and it trys to play music similar. Slacker plays music from a  genre or artist. Since streaming music on anything pre-3G is kind of slow, they have caching option that allows you to download from your PC or Wi-Fi.  They recommend 500Mbytes per cached station.

My one complaint is, its slow for a blackberry app, delayed when moving from menu to menu.

Does anyone else have any good streaming music apps for Blackberry other then Slacker? How do you like your streaming music player?

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Blackberry App Google Mobile

January 18th, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Blackberry | Technology - (0 Comments)

Alright I would like to do a blackberry app of the week, but that means I would have to install and test alot more apps. So this will be updated as often as I find good apps. This time, my blackberry app is Google Mobile Apps. While most people have tried app I thought I would share what I like and what I don’t. I like the Google search, its saved history, and the launch for the other Google apps (gmail, news, reader, calendar, sync).

The Google search It works great, and is integrated nicely.

I wish the Google sync would sync the other way also, if I add a calendar entry on my blackberry, it doesn’t sync up with my Google calendar.

Google maps was nice, but it couldn’t find my exact location but the blackberry maps does ( my phone has gps).

The Google calendar and Google reader are hard to read, good thing Google sync adds my calendar events to my blackberry calendar.

That rounds up my short Google app review.

Blackberry email update

January 12th, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Blackberry | Technology - (6 Comments)

So I posted a couple of days ago that Kayla and I got blackberry’s. Its a Blackberry curve 8310. So far I really enjoy it. It has internet and will do email, IM’s, and everything else you want a mobile phone to do.

My biggest problem is blackberry’s crappy integration with gmail.  I cant find a happy median. There seems to be serveral ways to do it.

  1. Use blackberry’s email client and just use there special setup. Its a mix of pop3 and imap. My problem is when you read something on your blackberry or gmail, it doesn’t show up as read on the other.  And when I send an email from my gmail web account, it would show up on my blackberry.
  2. Use Blackberry and gmails IMAP email. But email isnt instant push to your phone.
  3. The previous current setup I got from here. You basically setup a blackberry email address forward your gmail to it, and setup a few filters.
  4. Use the gmail app but it doesnt do instant push to the phone either.

I am not happy with any of them. I will have to update what I will do in the future… Come on gmail and blackberry work together!!!


I went back to solution 1, I was using 3, but then I couldn’t delete any of my mail, since I don’t send out that many emails, I figured getting a few extra on my blackberry.

Next time, I am going to post my favorite blackberry apps.