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So today I installed tomato on my linksys wrt54g router v3 or v3.1 I dont remember. After Downloading tomato, uploading the firmware to my router.. which took about 2 minutes, I went ahead and logged in. I was confused because it copied over my settings along with my admin password and such. I didnt have to set up anything. So in all it worked perfectly. There was a few things I tweaked, such as the QOS ( quality of service). The thing I was most interested in, is the bandwidth graphs, it will log how much bandwidth you are sending outside of your network. I am sure I will keep the router busy :D.

SNES Adaptor

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So I Picked up this SNES Adaptor ( ) to play Roms on a poorly coded emulator (see The Big Bang Theory for the referance). Then I picked up a SNES replica controller from video game etc.  So far I have had no problems, basicly plugged in the adaptor, and launched zsnes and started playing some Super Mario World. So if your in the retro video game market, pick up this adaptor and play your favorite Roms on the PC.

Digsby on Linux via Wine

September 28th, 2008 | Posted by tonyscha in Technology - (3 Comments)

Well heres my issue, I used digsby on windows, but since switching to a full linux desktop I dont have that luxury anymore. Since then I have been using pidgin which gets the job done. So I tried to use wine and digsby but that didn’t turn out to well. Well after piecing information from the web, I figured out how to run digsby.

First off, I went ahead and updated to the newest version of wine which isnt in the ubuntu repositiores. I am lazy and dont like to recompile code just so I can run the latest and greatest software on my linux box, so I figured out how to add the wine website to my source list. I found this page, If your using ubuntu 8.04 just do the following, else check out the website.

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add –

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list

enter your sudo password, and you should be done.

Now time to update to 1.1.5, you should be able to use apt-get install wine, I went ahead and just used the updated manager by going to System->Administration->Update Manager

In the meantime download digsby for windows

Now install digsby by running it via command line (wine digsby_setup.exe) or double clicking and run through the setup.

After its installed, login to digsby, and setup up your email accounts.

The only issue I had at first was when you double clicked on someone name it would not bring up the IM box. Well to fix that go into digsby Tools->Preferances->Status and uncheck the box that says “Hide new conversation windows”.

It was as easy as that… Do you like digsby and have you tried it out in linux.

Dropbox for linux

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Dropbox finally made there linux release available to everyone, if you have an invite or already a member you can download it from this link There is a fedora (rpm) and Ubuntu (deb) install for x86 and x86_64. I installed it, and it started to sync up my files that I uploaded from windows. They even have the source code available if that is more your liking. Below I included a few screenshots so you can see the real deal.

Here you can see after you install it and right click on the dropbox icon.

Here is a screenshot of the folders that it synced up

And the overall screenshot of how it displays on the desktop

I uploaded these photos to dropbox to see if everything works, and it did as expected. This release seems to be fairly good. The only complaint I have is the Icon is a little small which can be seen in the third photo.

Here are the links from dropbox

If you have had the chance to test it, Drop me a line  and tell me what you think.

Google Chrome Review 1

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Alright so I tried the newest and greatest web browser called google chrome. Well I wouldnt say it was the greatest but its pretty good. It imported my firefox cache, and everything seemed to work fine. I opened up a few flash sites with streaming video and everything worked fine from that aspect. After I get a linux version I will give it more of a more in depth review later on.

Google Chrome

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If you check out googles offical blog it says they are going to release an internet browser! Whats the mean, I dont think to many know until tomorrow after the offical release. So Look forward to newest of googles beta software. My personal opionion is that the google browser wont compete with firefox for a while, so unless it shocks me, and they make a fairly quick linux release, I wont be switching anytime soon. The offical website is which at the time of this post is not available.

Facebook Instant Messanger

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Now that facebook has Chat on there website, everyone has to log onto facebook to see who there friends are. Well if you want facebook chat on the desktop currently its not possiable without this pidgin plugin –  But of course you have to install pidgin first.

After using the plugin it seems to work most of the time, I had a few issue where it would crash Pidgin, and if you saved your password, and opened pidgin up again, you would get stuck into a open/crash loop. But now since I make it so I have to enter my password everytime, it seems to work fine, as long as facebook chat isnt down.

Watch TV for free

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I am cheap and cable is expensive, but with the internet you can watch most of your favorite shows on the networks websites. I have made a website with links to the video sections of the websites.