I am going to keep a page of my favorite software for windows and linux.


Firefox – If you dont know what firefox is, your living under a rock! Its an open source web browser that is faster and more secure then Internet explorer. Available for Windows or Linux.

Digsby – Digsby is a freeware instant messaging application that does your favorite IM clients ( AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) and keeps you up to date on your social networks ( facebook, myspace, and twitter). Currently only available for Windows, Mac and Linux coming soon. But Checkout my Digsby on Linux Post

AMSN – AMSN is a clone of MSN messanger or now called Windows Live, the reason I mention is I am a heavy MSN user, and it works under windows and linux.

Gtalk – I love google talk, I just wish more people would use it, its a Instant messenger that uses your google account ( gmail). Only available on Windows. Also since Digsby has come about, I dont use this anymore, since digsby will update my email and does gtalk.

Utorrent – Utorrent is the perfect bittorrent client. I like it because it has a small memory footprint, scheduler, and straight to the point.


Antivirus / Spyware Protection





Visual Studio Express – Microsoft Free visual studio, which allows you to write Visual C++ and C#. Its very powerful for what is include, and seeing that the professional version can run thousands of dollars.

Eclipse – I might get around to writing about it, but I havent used this program in a while.


AVG Anti-Virus – The free version of an antivirus program. Its just as good as  McFee or Norton, but is free. I like it because it uses less resources and doesnt try to take over your computer.

7-Zip –  7-Zip is a compressing program that does more then zip and unzip, zip files. It also can do tar, rar, 7z. If you have used winrar, I would like to tell you 7-Zip puts winrar to shame. 7-Zip also has 256 bit encrpytion available on its 7z format, which is double what a secure https connection typically is.

Daemon Tools – Daemon Tools allows you to mount cd/dvd images.  This program is not open source. Also when I visited their website I noticed they now have pay versions, but still have the deamon tools lite for free.

CDBurnerXP – CD burning software. Dont let the name fool you it runs on XP and Vista. I only have used it a few times previously I only have used Nero. This program does the job without neros bloatware. This program is closed source for Windows.

Dropbox – Not sure how to explain dropbox. It allows you to have a common folder on multiple computers and the web. This even spands operating systems ( runs on Windows, Mac, Linux). I use this program as a way to back up files. It allows you 2 Gigs of storage on dropboxs website. I highly recommend this as a way to share, store, and sync files.

Notepad++ – Notepad++ is a powerful text editor that works well for txt documents, webpages, and code.

Portable Apps – Portable apps is a toolset that allows you to install applications to your flashdrive. Its limited to what is available on the website, but the applications available are very popular open source apps, and many of them are what I have listed on this page. You can checkout my blog post about portable apps here.

Photo and Video – The best media player available right now. It will play almost anything. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

VLC media player – Paint application written in the .net framework

GIMP – Open source photo editing software, comparable to photoshop. For Windows and Linux.

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Not Free Programs that are nice.

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