I use tomato on one of my routers at home. Its a hacked firmware for select linksys routers. So far it has treated me really well. I have my bandwidth monitor enabled, which keeps track of downloads/uploads in gigabytes. You can backup the logs. That is where I am running into issues.

When saving through cifs on Windows 7 (I am assuming Windows Vista is very similar), I had to do several special things to get it to work properly.

1) First issue I had, is mounting the cifs, you need to use the IP of the machine not the hostname. Since it does require the IP, I made my desktop machine ip static.

2) Now you have to share a directory to be able to save the files too. I have mine saved to a dropbox folder as an extra backup. When mounting the cifs you need a user account on the machine and it must have a password. Make sure that user has access to the shared folder. To share a folder you can just right click go to properties->sharing

3) Another issue I had was, the folder had to be in the root of the filesystem for it to work. I am unsure why, but just from looking on google about cifs and tomato that was a suggestion. Since I wanted my logs saved in a different location this didn’t work for me. So I found out if you make a simlink in the root of your harddrive to the directory where it will be saved it will work.

I created a simlik with the command below (With windows 7 you have to run the command as an administrator, right click on command prompt and so a run as).

C:\mklink /D C:\tomato “C:\Users\tonyscha\My Dropbox\tomato”

Now my tomato bandwidth logs are saved hourly!



October 26th, 2008 | Posted by tonyscha in Technology - (0 Comments)

So today I installed tomato on my linksys wrt54g router v3 or v3.1 I dont remember. After Downloading tomato, uploading the firmware to my router.. which took about 2 minutes, I went ahead and logged in. I was confused because it copied over my settings along with my admin password and such. I didnt have to set up anything. So in all it worked perfectly. There was a few things I tweaked, such as the QOS ( quality of service). The thing I was most interested in, is the bandwidth graphs, it will log how much bandwidth you are sending outside of your network. I am sure I will keep the router busy :D.