All Nighter?

August 31st, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

Oh what to write about today, i am going to try to make it a all nighter, and dayer. Well what i mean is to not sleep for the night. It shall be tiring but fun, i am going to give some money from the bank to the school tomarrow, the point i dunno i will never see it. My keyboard shall be here tomarrow and hopefully i can convert it to dvorak. What else is new, oh yeah i got some prep cloths from old navy, but aleast i can say they were cheap lol. I have been reading other peoples blogs and looks like no on is keeping up on them, execpt Micah, so maybe i will try to lead the pack. School official starts tomarrow, well today since i havent went to bed, so the days are all messed up. Hopefully that Mountain Dew will keep me going. WORK is pissing me off, some how the number 30 fits in between 16 and 24 i dunno how but it does, according to walmart. I can join the tech direct connect hub, but its slower then piss and i can download anything, but i like it because i can chat to people and maybe keep up on some new shit. Well i got to switch some laundry over at 5:30 am in the morning, so peace out and dont smoke the hash pipe. -TONY

This is going to be a short one

August 27th, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

This is going to be a short one, also i should be in bed at this time but i am not. I just got off work… omg people when you school shop be fucken neat not some fucking pigs trying to lift up dirt for a good meal. Ok that was my bitchen for the day. I found out this guy i work with is a linux nerd… kind of interesting on how the world turns.. but he is going to be a phyiscs major so i dont feel sorry for him in any way. Only like 4 days until school starts. Like i cant wait…why i dunno but i cant. Like i have said a dozen times in my weBLOG maybe i will learn something this year. I ordered a keyboard form newegg, i hope i can make it dvorak, if i can i will use that all the time, for those of you that dont know what dvorak is, its a different keyboard layout that is suppose to help you type faster and move you hands less around on the keyboard. WOW if i use dvorak and linux my gf will never want to use my computer, oh i cant wait lol. I dont have anything else to tell you about today… just wait i do, go out open up another browswer window and make sure you download mozilla firefox from for the best internet browsing experiance in the world. – TONY

I should be in bed at this time

August 26th, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

I should be in bed at this time, but as usual i must stay up and chill on my computer. I have alot to say so lets me start. I got to work tomarrow but i just had two days off, i relaxed a little but of course that never lasts long. Kayla just started school so hopefully tomarrow I will finally try to get something done. All i got to say is linux is awsome. Why its awsome… because you dont have to worry about virus for one, dont have to worry about windows update, and service pack 2, its all open source, all kinds of free programs for linux, and best of all its free to begin with. Well of course there are its down falls, practially no games, and you really need to know what your doing to get stuff to work its seems like. But its evolving and it will soon be ready to be declared a desktop OS. My favorite program for linux is AMSN, but i have many more. My favorite game is frozen bubble. Well onto something else besides linux. I suppose most of the world is getting ready for Passion of the Christ to come out on August 31…. Well me too so i can laugh at the fools who wanna buy its.. Well maybe I will so i can have the best horror movie of the time. Me and religion just dont get along, look at how many conderdicting facts/details/stories that the bible has. First of all its been translated like 20 times to just make it into the english language, second of all, at most churches all they read is the good stories. Lets read the EVIL ones hehe. Well enough on my anti-religon for the day. School starts Wednesday for me, and i cant wait, how about you yall. LOL. Right now i am not agreeing with Jon for president… But i am not sure if either choice is a good choice, I cant wait until i find a good third party choice. Well as soon as an atheist runs for president and wins, the world will hopefully be in good hands. Buts thats it for my weBLOG for the day… hopefully you get some insite from my personal inspiration. -TONY

Ah the beginning of another week

August 23rd, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

Ah the beginning of another week, that means just a week away from school. Can you wait? It rained good last night, kayla thought there was going to be an hurricane, but i am not so sure i agree with here. I am still in Linux, it is saving my computer from that evil xp lol. …. what else is new let me think…. did i mention which classes i am taking.. i dunno, well they are : calc 3, s&d, and EE 221, so much fun i cant wait. You all should see the Surbeck center its pretty neat, alot of work has been done to it. But i am running out of unintellegant things to say so until next time – TONY


August 21st, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

Stargate, Stargate, Stargate, such an awsome show, why i dunno but i like it. Hi world, what to bitch about today, work. Na i changed my mind i dont wanna bitch about work. But i am ready for school to start, are you? Nothing like studing for like 4 hours and not understanding what the hell is going on. Kool the noon whistle is going off on this wonderful saturday. What else is there to talk about? I am not sure what else to ponder on. So with that, i am going to end my blog. – TONY

Today is the day

August 20th, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

Today is the day, for what i dunno but today is the day. Oh today is the day i write another blog, its been only like 17 days this time… so much for trying to write more offten. What shall i complain, compliment or just plain bitch about, nothing yet. ARE YOU READY FOR SCHOOL because i am. Only like 11 days away. I hope this semester isnt to hard, but it cant be to easy either, so i guess i will have to just bust out the books and read and study. Went to Mount Rushmore the other day, enjoyed the view of some presidents that dont smile. WTF why do you put peoples faces on a mountain and they dont smile. AHHHHHHH IDIOTS lol. But oh well they are a marvel in themselves just wait until 2200 when you 10th generation of kids are visiting Mount Rushmore, and still are like AWWW how kool, then go smoke some weed and drink some beer. Really. What is this future coming too? This nation is dividing itself, pretty soon the west coast will be a fog from weed, and the midwest, i dunno yet….. I dunno what that ranting was about. Enought about bitchen. Went and seen a movie last night, the Bourne Supremecy. It was really good, it went on explaining some about the first movie, and the ending was dumb, but the movie was Good overall. I dont wanna work today, but what choices do i have. Well it shouldnt be that bad, its friday and a billion and one people will be in there buying everything for them and there dog. Enough with that, i finally got Mandrake 10.0 on my computer, so i have been using that almost every day now for the last week or two. Damn that service pack 2 for windows, people are bitchen and complaing about it. Its 266 some megs, and still have security flaws, i guess i would be bitchen too. I installed it but booted back into linux where i felt lost, but in control somehow someway. Well thats my weBLOG for the day. Maybe i will write sooner maybe i wont. -TONY

Damn i am lazy hehe…

August 3rd, 2004 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

Damn i am lazy hehe… its been a month now but i am going to try to keep up on this blog now that school is about to start. Only like 28 days until our brains are pumped with useful/worthless infromation. I have been so tired lately i am not sure why but i could sleep for like 3 days straight if i had the chance. Right now its thundering and lighting its kind of cool, i hope the power doesnt go out it will make me MAD.. or something. I got a new calculator ti-89 titanium its pretty kool. Pretty much a ti-89 combinted with a shitty pda hehe. But i like it, I just got to learn how to use it which is a large challange. This isnt enought to explain my month of not blogging, but this is all i have to say today – TONY