Hulu – Desktop App

May 31st, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Technology - (0 Comments)

So Hulu just released a new desktop app a few days ago ( I am a little slow) . From first impression its farily well done for a beta release. To be honest I like it better then the boxee interface. I watched a few shows on it and everything seemed to work well. My main purpose is to open it from MediaPortal. The best thing about it was it worked well with the remote, once you got use to the buttons.

From what I could tell about the app, it was just some kind of flash overlay. Other then that not much to write about it other then it works!!

I had BruceLang start following me on twitter and I seen an interesting article by him 5 Things You Should Know About Making The Digg Front Page. His website died from the slashdot effect. How do you survive the digg/slashdot effect. I am not going to take the time to go through what you need to do, there are plenty of articles out there. I think the general idea is to get a good webhost,  and have simple webpages or a way to make them static-like.  Question is would I survive the slashdot effect?  Not sure if I will ever know

website updates

May 26th, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

So I made a few changes to the website with some different wordpress widgets. I added a google ajax search, my twitter updates, and a cool 3d tag cloud. What you think? My next goal is to find a photo gallery I like. My problem is I love the google one and wish I could integrate it.


I also fixed the plugin for Share and Enjoy on each post.

If you would like to know the names of any of these plugins lets me know.

Blackberry – Speedtest

May 22nd, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Blackberry | Technology - (0 Comments)

Ok blackberry app review time. I feel like writing blogpost tonight not sure why. There is a very useful app from xtreme labs that is called speedtest. They also make iphone apps. This app lets you check out your networks speed.  The app is very simple just click the button and it will test the download and upload speed, and report back to you. I believe the app can be download through the blackberry store. I am unsure of how it works when connecting to wi-fi.

Boxee Rant

May 22nd, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Technology - (0 Comments)

Ok I follow boxee on twitter and they posted about a week ago on how they wont have the boxee windows release done until June. I am really starting to think that boxee is bias toward macs. I am sure there is a legitmate reason they are taking longer but WHY…  Why is the most popular OS with the most users the last to get updated. Maybe they want to be nice and actually account for the 1% of the market.  Well whatever I guess I will just stick with the old release. If I have time I will write a new review on the new version when its released.

Plasma, Fishing, and Disturbed

May 13th, 2009 | Posted by tonyscha in Personal - (0 Comments)

So I havent posted in a while, so I thought I would share my latest news. I started donating plasma. If you dont know what that is, check out this wiki link. Its suppose to help people, but I also can make money hehe. They say they pay you for your time, I say its for the needle poking. Its provides me nice quite time to read my book lol. 

Its offically fishing season in my book. I went last weeks, and didnt catch a thing. I hope tomorrow brings better luck.

 Last Saturday I went to a concert in Des Monies.  It was Disturbed with Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engaged, and Chimaira. Disturbed obviously was the most popular band, but Killswitch engaged and Lacuna Coil put on an awesome show.  It wasnt a huge concert but has been the biggest concert I have been too which is a very short list ( Saliva and Drowning Pool).  Maybe I will create a page to keep track of the concerts I have been too.