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I have been working on my raspberry pi for a little while now, but finally completed the case for the project. I was originally going to use a pico-itx case I acquired, but with the layout of the raspberry pi board, it just didn’t work out. When I was looking online, I noticed some of the DIY plexiglass projects that I really liked. Due to the layout of my entertainment center and that is when I decided I was going to make my “FlatPi” project. One of the other things that bothered me with some of the cases I have seen is you are almost always required to use a USB Hub, so people create beautiful cases for just the pi, but then have a wiring nightmare when they add their hub. My goal was to make it all in one.

Required Parts

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Pluggable Technologies USB Hub
  • 8×10 Plexiglass / Lexan .093 (2 pieces)
  • USB Cables (Monoprice is your friend)
  • Screws ( I used 1 1/4″ screws)
  • Spaces between boards ( I found some at the local hardware store)


First time mounting the boards to the lexan.

Working on the case

Got the Pi and USB Hub mounted.

The screws I used were from PC builds. I drilled small holes that would allow me to use the screws and make new thread in the plexi glass. Its not shock proof, but it holds the Pi and Hub in place.

I had to make some countersunk holes where I mounted the hub due to the solder leads. I was having problems getting the hub to sit parallel with the plexi glass, once I drilled those holes I was able to get it to sit parallel.

Took a few pictures to show the layout I chose for the boards. Back side the FlatPi.

Bottom side of the FlatPi.

Front side of the FlatPi.

I listed USB cables above, I did buy 1.5ft cables to reduce the cable management. Plus you can’t go wrong with monoprice when cables are less then a dollar.

The top cable is the power core (USB to USB Micro)

The bottom cable is the hub connector, the hub did come with a cable, but it was 6ft long, so the 1.5ft cable worked out well.

The middle cable is the USB Hub power connector

Backside of the Flatpi.


Wanted to show how much light the Pi/Hub produced.

This is the side that sit against the wall, but here is the lights.

Same picture just with the flash on.

Due to limited space, I wanted this to mount vertically, here is where I am going to install it in my entertainment center.



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I had the opportunity to attend Black Hat 2013, so while in Vegas, I took a few pictures, thought I would share.

First picture, always the most important, registration area of Caesars Palace.



Harley Davidson Cafe, BBQ wasn’t that good.

Biggest chain link flag I have ever seen!


Pool at Caesars Palace


Customized Room keys, awesome!


I found Alan from the Hangover!


View from hotel room

Bunch of pictures from Caesar’s Forum Shops







Random beerfest sign, of course I had to stop and take a picture.





Eiffel tower, Vegas style

Creep clown sign at Circus Circus



Wedding Chapel from the movie Hangover.

Gold and Silver Pawn aka Pawn stars




A store for just M&Ms, are you kidding me?








Um…. watch out for mountain goats!


Hoover dam photos
















360 view from the hoover dam

Protestors at the Cosmopolitan.

Protestors and law enforcement with horses!





My only food picture… Fat Burger!



Stone Art Street Performer

Ballagio Water Show

Squaw Creeek Army Challenge

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Hey who is this guy?


A picture of use… before we got dirty!

First hay bale I think.


Soapy suds before we went down the giant slip and slide.

The freeze pit

Kayla got photogenic with herself.


My Hay bale jumping ability!

Still working on my hay bale jumping ability.

Mud pit

Not sure what I am doing here….

Hey a dark tunnel.


Dirty but finished!



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Raw material, I did make one trace on the rubber as you can see in the picture.

The bottom piece is the top of the sole, while the top rubber piece is the bottom of the soul.

Tracing out my footprint from paper onto the rubber using a pen.

My first try at tying my new huaraches.

Found a video online that provides a slip on/off method, going to try this out for my first run