Digsby on Linux via Wine

September 28th, 2008 | Posted by tonyscha in Technology - (3 Comments)

Well heres my issue, I used digsby on windows, but since switching to a full linux desktop I dont have that luxury anymore. Since then I have been using pidgin which gets the job done. So I tried to use wine and digsby but that didn’t turn out to well. Well after piecing information from the web, I figured out how to run digsby.

First off, I went ahead and updated to the newest version of wine which isnt in the ubuntu repositiores. I am lazy and dont like to recompile code just so I can run the latest and greatest software on my linux box, so I figured out how to add the wine website to my source list. I found this page http://www.winehq.org/site/download-deb, If your using ubuntu 8.04 just do the following, else check out the website.

wget -q http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/387EE263.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add –

sudo wget http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list

enter your sudo password, and you should be done.

Now time to update to 1.1.5, you should be able to use apt-get install wine, I went ahead and just used the updated manager by going to System->Administration->Update Manager

In the meantime download digsby for windows

Now install digsby by running it via command line (wine digsby_setup.exe) or double clicking and run through the setup.

After its installed, login to digsby, and setup up your email accounts.

The only issue I had at first was when you double clicked on someone name it would not bring up the IM box. Well to fix that go into digsby Tools->Preferances->Status and uncheck the box that says “Hide new conversation windows”.

It was as easy as that… Do you like digsby and have you tried it out in linux.

My Truck Videos

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SO I said I was going to post some videos of my truck, Well I kind of forgot about that…¬† So here are the videos.

2001, Drag Racing at Thunder Valley Raceway in Marion, South Dakota

Burnout competition in Yankton, SD Attempt 1

Burnout competition in Yankton, SD Attempt 2

Googles: The future of mobile

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Alright so I was just writing on how I want a new phone, and I go ahead and read googles newest blog post.. ( http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/future-of-mobile.html ) which talks about how much the phone has advanced. The article is kind of interesting because it goes on to talk about what they can do… but it mentions of nothing of what google is going to do? Does this have to do with anything with the Android Developers kit for mobile phones? Well the reason I bring that ip, is because … there has been reports of t-mobile releasing the first phone with Googles Android SDK developers kit on it September 23. There has been many names for the phone.. G1, or gphone. I have verizon and I want a smartphone, but what I really want is something that more advanced such as what verizon promised last year… a open platform. A phone that allows any developer to write code for it, which basicly implies I want the google android kit for Verizon.


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Its the fricken weekend baby… I am glad the work week is over… Been so busy. Now this weekend we are having a garage sale. One mans junk is another mans treasure.. My Remote control car stopped working, I think the battery charger died, means more money I have to spend, I am sure the wife will like that.

My phone renewel is coming up, and I want a smart phone with Wi-Fi. I wish the wife agreed on that. This is the picture of one of the phones I want. Its a HTC but marketed as a verizon 6800 THe other one has been removed from the website… Maybe thats a good sign because they are going to replace it with the newer one?

Tired but not tired?

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Have you ever been tired, but you are to lazy to get off the computer and go to bed…? Well thats me, my eyes burn because they are tired but I Dont want to go to bed yet lol. Whats happen? Well a new series of tv shows are about to start or started, while the summer shows are finishing.

I watched Big Brother tonight and Dan was voted to be the winner… if you never have watched Big Brother 10 ignore that last sentance. Fringe from Fox looks to be pretty good, I watched the first episode but didnt watch the latest tonight. Someone mention fringe is kind of like x-files which in a way it was. Heroes and The Big Bang Theory starts next week. I am super excited for heroes, I might have to go watch the recap so I remember whats going on. Then I also watch Battlestar Gallatica, I am currently watching the dvds and I am on season 2.5 which I may add is awesome. If your into scifi and have not watch BSG your missing alot.

I suppose my time has been overspent here, and I need some sleep, something about the body wont function without? I cant wait for a way so I can do something 24/7 without sleeping! But thats another blog post…

Coke and Mentos

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Lindale Mall Corvette Show

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Here are some pictures from the 2008 Lindale Corvette Car Show, This was June 14th, 2008

This is either a Firebird or Camaro from the first Generation, I love these cars when they are done right


1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, according to the sign its #818

Nice looken Trans AM

Alight here we have a Lamborghini, not sure on the model.

I have seen this truck driving around and I like it because of the custom made grill, it seems like a project truck, but I am unsure

Line them up… there was alot of corvettes here, but I Have seen more together!

Freedom Festival Car Show

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Just thought I would share a few photos from the Freedom Festival Car Show hosted at Duffy’s from August 30th, 2008

First of was an electric Fierro, had batteries in the front and back of the car, I wish I would have spent more time looking at it.

Fierro Electric Car

Fierro Electric Car

Fierro Front Batteries

Fierro Front Batteries

Fierro Back Batteries

Fierro Back Batteries

This is a Hurst Oldsmobile, not sure if I have ever seen one prior to this… so why not take a picture?

If I build a hotrod someday I want one similar to this, atleast this is my kind of style.

WTF batman? Nope just the batmobile.



This truck was pretty nice, I think it was a 67 Chevy if I remember correctly. The interior was nicely done, I think I need to take some pointers from it.

And probably my favorite car was one I seen on the way out, a Camaro, I didnt check out what year, but it was for sale, now only if I had 20K to spend on a car.

Oh what a weekend

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Alright, so I pretended it was my birthday this weekend, so we could get this other guy out of his house while his wife planned for a surpise birthday party for him. We drank a few beers and decided to head back early, got back and there was everyone waiting to surpise him… and he was really confused, so I guess the surpise birthday party worked.

Then we decided to give our dog a MoHawk on saturday night. We are going to order some hair dye for our dog off the internet, and dye the MoHawk a crazy color, I will have to post pictures when its all said and done.

Its sad to say that summer is basicly over, its dark at like 8pm now… and its been so cool out, which I am not complain I do like the 70 degree weather, just miss the warm summer days.

Dropbox for linux

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Dropbox finally made there linux release available to everyone, if you have an invite or already a member you can download it from this link http://www.getdropbox.com/beta. There is a fedora (rpm) and Ubuntu (deb) install for x86 and x86_64. I installed it, and it started to sync up my files that I uploaded from windows. They even have the source code available if that is more your liking. Below I included a few screenshots so you can see the real deal.

Here you can see after you install it and right click on the dropbox icon.

Here is a screenshot of the folders that it synced up

And the overall screenshot of how it displays on the desktop

I uploaded these photos to dropbox to see if everything works, and it did as expected. This release seems to be fairly good. The only complaint I have is the Icon is a little small which can be seen in the third photo.

Here are the links from dropbox




If you have had the chance to test it, Drop me a line  and tell me what you think.